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T. L. Woodliff


Life is magic, and life is a series of lessons.  Don’t worry- there’s room for it. Both will make you stronger, raw, happy and softer, all at the same time.

I created and taught dance magic for over ten years in Illinois before moving to Texas and becoming a solitaire in practice.  It opened up my love of literature (I have a degree from the University of Nevada LV) and what else could I do but combine my witchy ways with a bewitched pen (gift from my mate.)

The Cozy-Witch-Mystery genre is a lively and FUN place to visit!  Living, talking trees arrive (The Silvis,) Familiars find their witches, and all the men look like Greek Gods- even the bad guys.  Ha! Hope to see you at The Axe & Stovepipe, soon.  

Comments (corrected for spelling):

“…I am from Springfield, IL and the details of this other version of the Capital City makes me want to create a checklist and find all these locations that I recognize (or do I??), along with the captivating characters that I just KNOW are walking the streets and someday I WILL see them!”

“...but wow. Amazing storytelling at its best. Friendships, magick, life, hopes, dreams.....this series has all of it. I've read all four and am anxious for book 5...!”

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