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     Diana Thornley also known as Rainy Knight grew up in a small Midwestern town.  Needing space to grow she packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles in the mid- 80s. 

     It was Los Angeles where she spread her wings and had a platform to grow as a creative artist. L.A. had the recording venues, clubs, and the people she needed to meet.  Her music was played on six different states college radio and commercial radio. 

     Diana wrote poetry alongside her music in LA. Poetry and songwriting are natural cousins and she struck a balance.  During her time in LA she had the good fortune of working with some big names in the industry including the late Ike Turner, the late Kim Fowley and Mike Pinera.

Her poetry has been published by the Famous Poets Society and soon to be released collective effort by Writing Rituals called Writing is our Superpower.

Diana has been featured in Music Connections,  Easyriders, Autobuff, Wild Rag,  Bam and Cosmo Chic magazines over the years. Her music can be found under Rainy Knight on her YouTube channel.

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