Eden R. Souther

     The Eden R. Souther duo, Brennan Stidham and Nicholas Torres, have been writing together since 2007. They've perfected a synchronistic style and have collaborated on many projects together. 

     Eden R Souther is a dreamer. Their passion for storytelling transcends the stars above. The realm of fantasy is their haven. It is here that they find the truest form of magic in the world, bringing characters and places to life.  Sharing their tales is Eden’s ultimate aspiration. They are excited to share the journey of wonderment with anyone willing to tag along.



   Angel Syndrome, released in 2016, was their first novel, the sequel, Syndrome of mortality was published in 2018. Their second novel, Cruentus, was released in 2017. Since then they have published more novels, Soul Rain and October Shadows and have many more on the way.

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