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Kathryn Welch

     Jasmine Morrow and Tracy Malone are chatting online one evening when an unfamiliar and uninvited guest appears in their chat room. Is he a garden-variety pervert or, as he claims, an alien from a faraway galaxy? Whoever he is, he doesn’t give up. He comes back to the chat room again and again for months.

     Jasmine is a believer—sort of. Tracy is a skeptic to put it mildly. Now, as if that weren’t weird enough, the hacker says he plans to travel to earth so that he can meet his new friends in person. He promises that when he arrives he will conveniently look just like Jasmine’s favorite actor, Kang Ji Soo.

     What could possibly go wrong?

     At nearly forty, single career woman Lucy Rye finds herself unexpectedly pregnant with the child she's always wanted by the man she's always loved. There's just one little problem. The man is married to somebody else. Lucy does what any perfectly normal but temporarily insane person would do--disappear. She ends up in a tiny, rural, Midwestern town called Lemon Creek where she finds an eclectic group of friends, romance with a younger man and, finally a sense of family and community. What happens when the baby's father shows up? Will Lucy be able to weave together the disparate threads of her life? How will her new-found friends--and one enemy--affect her future? How will two other Lemon Creek couples find each other? 

     As the story unfolds with a lot of humor and a touch of angst, Lucy takes the residents, and eventually the town itself, into her heart.

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