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Become a Crystal Heart Imprints 
member today
Are you an author or artist looking for a home? Join us!
What you get when you become a member:
  • Submit your manuscript up to two times per year and receive
    a 1-3-page critique of what works and what needs a little attention from three board members on the original submission, followed by a mentor’s review, if needed.


  • You’ll receive access to our library of step by step instructions on all aspects of formatting and getting your book on the market. We share what we’ve learned at each new crossroad.

  • Your book launches will have reviewed content before the publishing date. (!) You’ll receive 5-10 reviews from free copies that you provide. This is key to digital publishing.

  • You’ll be able to have your work taken to bookfairs and other events by other members, as paperback or e-downloads you provide.
    This does involve a fee as almost all book festivals require several hundred dollars to attend.  The benefit is that you only pay a small share of this with no hotel and food costs (unless you attend personally.)


  • When CHI publishes a collection of short stories, poetry, art and essays - our members are given first access to the submission page.

  • You’ll be a part of a Cooperative of authors, helping others as you learn, receiving guidance as you need.

    The Panel is made up of people who have done the work, are doing the work, and know the work. We’re here for you. We believe
    EVERY person has a story to share, and that’s why we do this.

Members are required to do the following: 

  1. Pay an annual fee of $50 (I know, right? Only $50 while other places charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars? This is what a cooperative looks like.)
    The only other expense generated through CHI is $20 for the ISBN tracking number.


  2. Submit all manuscripts to the PANEL for review following the format guidelines you receive upon joining. (If a third party is designing your book or art layout, we must have their contact info as well.)

  3. Read and prepare a public review of other member works before the release date, up to and including three times per year.
    Be honest. Be positive. You will ONLY be asked to review final works that have gone through PANEL review.


  4. Create your own accounts for the outlets you wish to use. Examples: Amazon; Bookfunnel, etc. We do not handle any of the finances for your sales. We provide help and guidance
    in each step of the way.

Or send a check and your completed membership form to 
Crystal Heart Imprints,

2945 Stanton, Suite F, Springfield IL 62702

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