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Nancy Long

     Restorative Yoga is gentle, deliberate, and passive. It is a powerful tool to restore health and well-being; and, it is available to everyone. Restorative Yoga is not your typical “fitness center” yoga.


The poses use a variety of props to:

•           balance by stimulating and relaxing,

•           soothe and calm as the body lets go, and

•           re-energize the body, mind, and spirit.


     The six practices presented here are designed to bring comfort when stressed, injured or in need of nurturing. Each practice uses the breath to guide you into poses designed to stretch and open the body and to calm and quiet the mind.


     To accompany this book and available through Amazon, a CD entitled “Restorative Yoga” gently guides you through the poses.


     Every time you practice may be different, but your practice will always be nurturing and restful, soothing and rejuvenating. Remember to make whatever adjustment is necessary, so you are completely comfortable and at ease in each moment, to stay connected with your body and breath.



     Yoga is available to everyone. It is the practice of non-striving. Yoga is not about doing, but rather being. Being in the present moment and allowing the body/mind to deeply feel each sensation. It is accepting yourself, letting go into your natural flow. The breath is your guide to connecting body, mind and spirit. Restorative Yoga is the practice of finding your way to rest and relaxation. It is a powerful tool to restore health and well-being. Practiced regularly, Restorative Yoga provides a user-friendly technique to reduce stress and nurture the body/mind. This practice has the ability to heal many of the effects of chronic stress. The CD includes a series of restorative poses that move the spine in all directions: backbends, forward bends, twists, laterals, and inversions. These poses support the body in a way that bring balance. They both stimulate and relax. The effects of the soothing, calming poses allow the body to let go, moving into an innate, internal healing process.

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