Ruth A. Souther

     I love mythology, always have, and even though I live in Illinois amongst the corn and bean fields where there is a great deal of elemental energy, the question is asked, why Greek mythology? It all started with Xena, Warrior Princess. I sat there wondering what all those gods and goddesses did when they weren't messing with Xena... and Voila! The Immortal Journey series was born.

     The stories that were 'channeled' to me through the characters are not tongue-in-cheek as Xena was, but are much more visceral and real life. It is what 'they' told me--the truth buried in the myths. All writers know what I mean when I say the characters directed the plots - well, the Old Ones were beyond delighted to download their version of what happened!

     As far as the Tarot book - I've spent 25 years working with the cards and find they are a fascinating look into the choices we make in life. I teach classes and during the initial years I asked myself how could I make learning about the archetypes easier? And so The Heart of Tarot came to life.


     I truly believe anyone can use Tarot as an intuitive guide to interpreting those issues thrown at us to make better sense and choices to bring fulfillment and a higher sense of Self. It is not necessary to own a Tarot deck to use the book. The questions are a great tool for journaling and discussion within groups. They take you to a depth that will surprise you.

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