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As an Irish dancer, you know how important your results and memories are. This journal gives you a simple organization system to keep track of your results, your ribbons, your pictures and your thoughts.


There are options for 26, 50, 76, and 100 available on Amazon.

Irish Dancers are a unique breed. Even at the most elite levels, they are involved students at school, accomplished musicians, leaders, community volunteers and exceptional athletes. It is very important for them to understand how much time they are devoting to their many activities, and how much time they are devoting to honing their craft of Irish Dance. Organized by month of the calendar year, this journal allows dancers to track the time they have spent practicing, pursuing their goals, their accomplishments, and their Feis results and goals. Dancers are encouraged to share this journal with their teacher, to document their progress and to review their growth as an Irish Dancer throughout the year.


Written by a certified Irish Dance teacher and adjudicator, the author began her Irish Dance studies in 1969 with one of the most pre-eminent figures in Irish Dance in the United States, and continued to study with him until the early 1980's. As a parent, she has spent years helping her own children track their many hours spent in dance practice, music practice, studying, homework, completing projects and writing papers.

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