Crystal Heart Imprints is an independent eclectic press administered by a collective group of writers. Formed back in 2012, to help inspire those of us who need a little push to get started onto the journey of writing.

Our goal is to nurture the inner writers of those who want to put their work out into the world. We wanted to bring something that we hadn’t found in other workshops that we attended. They were either, too critical and strict, or they only involved sitting around with a bottle of wine. While both do have their merits and wonderful aspects, we wanted to try something unique. The writers group was founded back in 2007 where writers came to talk about their work, find encouragement, judgement, or just get inspired.


From there it evolved into our own press inspired by our eclectic group of writers. Whether it’s for pleasure or business, blog or poetry, fiction or non-fiction, we support all writers.

Below are our Authors and Members, we have so many, and we are eager to introduce them to you.

The Authors

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