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T. L. Woodliff


     Mist and the galère have spent years delving into ecstatic dance, tarot, drumming and energy work to bring magic into world around them. But when they are called to the mountains by Gaia herself, everything changes and the women return to the prairies with powers they can’t understand, and barely contain.

     Plus, their old habit of solving historical mysteries has been morphed into a call to save lives- at the risks of their own. They discover their new gifts to be thrilling in one moment and deadly to others in the next.

     It begins here, but where is Gaia leading this new coven of witches?

     Join Mist, Mica, Crystal, Amber and the rest of the galère- a motley collection of humorous souls- as each mystery leads them to an epic battle to save the world in this thirteen-book series. 


     Mist and her three, close friends are bona fide new witches and can't do anything right. As they take tentative steps forward, the magic has other ideas and teaches them to swim by throwing them into whirlpools of challenges, heads first. 
     Something is hidden in the capitol city and a mysterious witch begins tracking their moves. Plus Mica, the new witch of Sacred Waters, becomes a suspect in the disappearance of a local man.
When members of this galère- this gathering of motley characters- make intentional magic, the results are disappointing, and somewhat messy. But when they don't try to do anything at all, they release a wild energy that causes even more upheaval and a surprise the Earth hasn't seen in generations- the return of the Familiars.
     It's too much!
     Come, meet the four witches in their newest adventure. Join all the friends and family of the galère as they attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance of the armory's curator in the tunnels beneath the small city. 
     Then they can get back to trying to figure out why the Earth Mother chose them for these new powers before someone gets killed, or rather, gets killed permanently.

The Author

     Life is magic, and life is a series of lessons.  Don’t worry- there’s room for it. Both will make you stronger, raw, happy and softer, all at the same time.

     I created and taught dance magic for over ten years in Illinois before moving to Texas and becoming a solitaire in practice.  It opened up my love of literature (I have a degree from the University of Nevada LV) and what else could I do but combine my witchy ways with a bewitched pen (gift from my mate.)


     Slate and Liam enter a new world, and a new understanding, with Corinth, the walking, talking tree of a woman. Where did she come from? And why? Most importantly, will their relationship survive as Liam tries to find his place in this new world of magic.

     Father Time intervenes and they are soon on a Shamanic Quest that breaks all the rules and teaches them how the Silvis came into existence.


     This is the second part of the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Cecil Culver, his family’s curse and the duty of Jessie, a ghost from a sacred village tasked to hide the powerful weapon the witches must now find. The Familiars wake up and are ready and eager to help find the missing man and create magic with their witches. It’s taken a battle with a witch from another era to get this far. What will they discover as they search, and what do the Fates have in store for them?

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