The act of change—through intention—of that which is most annoying to a witch. 

Crystal Heart Imprints (CHI) is now seeking 13 tales of magical mayhem in fuckery-fighting.  Share YOUR personal story of that time when the magic worked too well, or the outcome was not exactly what you had hoped to achieve.  You know what I mean- the lesson was learned, despite your best attempts to side-step that little annoyance. Send in, by wire, cauldron smoke or email, your short-short story of between 3,500-5,000 words.


Submit by August 15, 2019.  


To share the love, of course.  PLUS, each published participant will receive 1/15 of all profits from Witchfuckery 2019.  Sales will be harvested from online ebooks stores, book festivals and fairs which includes CHI’s month-long participation at the Salem Psychic Fair & Witch Market in Salem MA this October. 


Send your completed, fully edited short story to the mavens of Witchfuckery by noon, August 15, 2019, to the Crystal Heart Imprints email by clicking here! Or email Crystalheartimprints@gmail.com directly.

But Wait! 

There’s a tiny detail you’ll need to weave into your story.  No worries, it’s a small thing. Just find a way to use the 2019 phrase: Crocodiles, Dangly-Bits and Ham.  We might share the story of why these particular words were chosen, one day. Perhaps. Just visualize great merriment and cackling over coffee and Tarot in a magical kitchen.

After all, isn’t that where the magic usually begins?


The complete word count includes titles and author’s name and must be between 3,500 and 5,000 words.  Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplay… Get creative! Just keep to the theme of Witchfuckery (defined below) and include the 2019 phrase. It may be first person, third person or even second person if you can pull it off.  Go for it.

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