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Writing Rituals


We are currently meeting

In Person: every second Friday of the month, in Springfield Illinois

9:30 - 11:30 am


Online: every second Wednesday
of the month

6:30 - 7:30 pm

We are committed to unwinding the mysteries of our inner labyrinths and writing the stories with unvarnished truth and intuitive guidance.  We unconditionally support each other in the process of self-discovery and how the written words unfolds. We meet once every other month to teach, learn, share, advise, and uplift our writers. Events will be posted for time and location on the Events page.


$10 Donation Appreciated

     Previous topics include:

  • Sharing Your Work

  • Lost in the Ordinary World

  • Publishing

  • Re-Solution and Re-Focus

Please email to join our mailing list,

or join us on Facebook at

In March of 2022, Crystal Heart Imprints put out a call to all CHI members and Writing Rituals authors, for submissions, and received work from 16 authors.

In their true stories, you'll find humor, as well as despair. There are sweet tales, as well as ones that are truly heartbreaking, plus stories about fanatical behaviors and those who were out of touch with the reality of our collective situation.  


In January of 2019, our author/artist group Writing Rituals put out a call for submissions, and lo and behold, received work from 24 authors. Short stories, poetry, memoirs, book excerpts...the list goes on, all enchanting, funny, moving well-written pieces. We are so proud of our writers! This group would not have continued for 13 years and counting if not for these talented and dedicated souls.

CHI and Writing Rituals plans on writing a 'how-to' book on creating the best writing group on the planet. 

f you are a wannabe author, these words are for you: Don't let anyone or anything stop you.There is support out there, and if not in your local area start a group with the number one ground rule: Be kind.

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