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To Move Past Writers Block - use one, or more of these techniques

  1. *Brain dump: 1-3 min - write down what you have on your mind

  2. *Writing prompts: Find, and use examples, book, cards, news headline

  3. *Set a timer for 1-20 min and write, even if you write  “ I don’t know what to write”

  4. *Find a writing buddy, writing group, writing course

  5. *What is your biggest fear, block, success, belief about writing?

5 questions to Ask Yourself to Initiate Goal Setting  

  1. What do I want to write: journal, blog, book, article, poem, fiction, non fiction, childrens story, how to book, etc. What atmosphere do I like to write in? quiet corner at home, bustling coffee shop, airports, jammies, favorite pen and notebook, in nature, etc

  2. Where do you like to write: computer, notebook, website, journal, napkins, phone, etc. Where do you write? Home, office, café, car, bed, shower, boat, porch.

  3. Who will be reading my writing: no one its just for me, audience, customers, potential customers, fans, peers, writing group members, editor, magazine submission audience, etc. Who will support your writing goals? Writing group, friend, family member, boss, coach, pet rock

  4. When will you write? Daily, weekly, monthly, hours, minutes, book length, chapter, number of worlds. When will you write? Every morning, at writers meeting, after work, before bed, on lunch hour. When is the deadline, due date, first draft goal, etc

  5. Why are you writing? Personal interest, something to share, memories, school or job, challenge and self growth. Why are you not writing? Excuses to overcome, limitations to work around, fear of failure or success 

5 Questions to ask yourself to develop writing habits 

  1. How do you clear your mind to write?

  2. Whose writing do you enjoy reading and what 2 things do you admire

  3. What do you do that consistently supports your writing: goals, sacred space and time

  4. When you hit a block,  what can you do  next to mix it up, create more fun, minimize expectations…

  5. Where do you seek writing comfort? Movies, books, friends, writing exercises, past successes, other

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