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Crystal Heart Imprints is an unaffiliated Cooperative Publishing Association administered by a collective group of writers and artists. It was formed in 2012 to help all who wish to begin the journey of writing to do so without fear.

Our goal is to nurture the "inner writer" in those who are ready to put their work out into the world but don't know how to start. We created what we hadn't found- a supportive environment with a focus on getting the work done.  The writers' group was founded in 2007 when authors gathered to dig into the details of their stories, find encouragement, offer productive feedback or to just get inspired.


From there it evolved into our own press inspired by our eclectic group of writers. Whether it’s for pleasure or business, blog or poetry, fiction or non-fiction, we support all writers.



Chrystal Heart Imprints Executive Board

Teri Woodliff - President

Ruth Souter - Secretary

Sharron Magyar - Treasurer

Pam Daniel - Web Designer

Michelle Angone- Membership Coordinator

You can contact any Board Member at

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