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Welcome to Crystal Heart Imprints LLC
~Supportive, Cooperative, Indie Publishing~

Are you ready to move from dreaming about being an author into manifesting a book? We are in your corner, every step of the way!

Accountability &
Writing Coach

Work with our coaches to find:

  • CLARITY & EASE IN THE JOURNEY                      


  • THE JOY OF COMPLETION                                     


Why work with a book coach?

* You have a fantastic story idea with a great conflict but need help structuring it into a full-length novel.

* You know what to write and how to write, but finding the time... Ugh. Accountability coaching can be the make all the difference in this busy world.


* You've had some great feedback, but you're not sure if you can believe it. 


Sometimes would-be authors fumble over major decisions: Should I go Indie? Traditional? Exactly what is this "cooperative publishing" system?

Our Writing Coach

* Brainstorming, plot development or general feedback.

* One-time private session to discuss your story idea or
   blocks, doubts and your  next step forward.

* Accountability Coaching to GET THIS OUT THERE.

* Let's take you to your first draft! One-on-one 12-week sessions.


TERRI WOODLIFF  | Certified Farland Fiction Writing Coach |

| BA in Literature | MS in Applied Psychology | BrainFirst! Coach
Training | Professional Book Editors Association |
visit website for details & feedback on your work  | HERE


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How can hypnosis help you write?

Using hypnosis to overcome self-doubts and debilitating blocks is a proven method. It's also a practical part of creating the new habits you want in your life, and to make them stick.

Our Certified Consulting Hypnotists

Using the power of hypnosis in combination with the art and

symbols that trigger and open subconscious communication, 

I assist clients in connecting with their inner resources through

hypnosis to help them goal set regarding their problems,

challenges and “soul issues”.


| Schedule Your Session Today  | HERE



RUTH SOUTHER  | Certified Consulting Hypnotist | Email to learn how it all works and for pricing and contract information |

Ruth Picture.jpg

I'm certified in RTT therapy and hypnosis and hold

a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology. When I discovered

how malleable the brain is, how neuroplasticity means that
we can remove blocks and make changes that last a life time, 
I knew I had to share this with my fellow authors who struggled for years because of self-imposed blocks.

I've now written and published seven book, including fiction
cozy mysteries (because they're just great fun!) books hand-
made to burn (oddly enough called "Burn Books") to move toward transformation and also a great book to assess just where you are in your writing journey. All this, because I began a self-hypnosis practice. You can do this! I'm here to help.  

TERRI WOODLIFF  | Certified Farland Fiction Writing Coach |

| visit website for details & feedback on your work  | HERE


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