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Anthologies & Collaborative Books

Are you a practitioner who wants to be known as an expert in your field? Authoring a book opens doors for speaking engagements and workshops. But where to start? 

Start by creating just ONE chapter in our professional anthologies with guidance and feedback from our professional editors, designers and writing coaches.


What is an anthology?

An anthology is a book with fifteen to twenty-five chapters, each written by a different person on a specific topic. The chapters are written in an engaging essay style.


You join one of the anthologies already being created, or you can publish an anthology under your name with other writers you’ve gathered on a topic that is important to you, working with us to craft a professional and well-written book.

By joining in this kind of collaboration, your cost of producing a professional-level publication is greatly reduced.

Plus, each author promotes the book with their own audience, helping everyone to gain increased exposure and name recognition in a single field or area of practice.

There Are Two Ways To Participate

I. Write a single chapter in one of our upcoming anthologies.


We have several anthologies planned for 2023-2024 and the lead author will be happy to have you join the program if you have the experience/credentials required and your chapter idea fits the theme of the collaboration.


*Chapters are between 3,000 – 5,000 words. (These numbers are firm.) You’ll also be able to add an additional 300 words for your bio, which should include website and/or contact information so readers can get in touch with you.


*At CHI, we don’t just throw a theme or idea at you and tell you to write. We are a supportive co-operative press, and this is designed into the anthology projects as well. Each three-month writing adventure begins with a group meeting online to cover every detail and answer every question.


*Then, you’ll receive a private session with one of our instructors or writing coaches to discuss your idea and make sure it’s effective and engaging for your needs as an expert and the book’s viability in today’s market.


*Three group meetings are held to answer any issues that come up while also allowing you to grow your network of peers by interacting with the other authors.


*A professional line-edit of your chapter will be given back to you after the first draft due date. You’ll then have time to polish your chapter and make it the best version of itself possible.


*Once the writing is done, we go into edit mode and prepare the book for launch. You’ll join in our book launch discussions and be fully prepared to help make this book a success.

II. Be the lead author for a topic of your choice.
In anthologies, the editor or lead author is listed as the official “author” of the book. (While all authors are listed on the cover and can claim co-author status, the publishing systems are not set up to take that many title authors of any one book.) If y
ou wish to be the lead author in an anthology, we can help you make that a reality.
Send us an email with your topic/theme and why you feel you are poised to take on this role (experience, awareness of business climate, etc.) and how many authors you want in your collaboration. We’ll respond as soon as possible to set up a call or ZOOM meeting and discuss the details.


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