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Welcome to Crystal Heart Imprints LLC
~Supportive, Cooperative, Indie Publishing~

Every soul has a story to tell. We are devoted to helping people reclaim the title, storyteller. Whether you’re delving into research to craft a powerful nonfiction workbook that will change lives, or you wish to help people escape the chaos of life for a few, glorious hours through your novel, you’ll find a supportive community that wants you to succeed.


Members of Crystal Heart Imprints (CHI) pay an annual fee of only $50. With this, you are able to purchase an ISBN number for your book at a huge discount over self-publishing.

However, all books must be submitted to the board for review and approval before an ISBN number will be released. Three members must agree that the edited book is well-written and has a professional design, cover and format.


If the board believes the submission would benefit from additional work, we provide you with specific suggestions, plus guidance towards Developmental Editing, Line Editing or Proofreading, as needed.


After you have done the revisions, you are welcome to resubmit the book and we will help you with the next steps once it has been approved by the board. If it still needs further help, we have a monthly writing circle to help you get your work in shape. This is free to all members.


Members help each other with book launches, reviews and finding professional critiques. Please visit our membership page to learn all the details.

Submitting Your Book For Approval

Current Anthologies


*Please send your edited and polished submission to:
*In the subject line, write your full name and the words “Book Submission”

*At the top of the email, please write your NAME, GENRE, WORD LENGTH
*Attach the submission as a WORD doc, or docx. (Anything else will not be read.)    

NOTE: Make sure you follow the formatting guidelines in the members page.


CHI is a cooperative publishing house. We are able to provide services at such affordable rates because we work together to share in all aspects of publication. To have your book reviewed, you have two options:

1: Receive a MANUSCRIPT review from one of our editors. They will be happy to review your work and make suggestions or encourage you to submit it for publication. (prices vary.)


2: Join CHI for only $50 per year. You'll receive a one-day workshop, review of your polished work and access to our monthly writing group. After you've registered, please review the formatting guidelines in your members-only page. Then you are welcome to submit your story.
We can’t wait to read it!  


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