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2022 CHI Collective Book 

CHI Members Exclusive

Our newest collection of stories is themed
around the topic of COVID. How has it impacted
your personal or professional life? Have you dealt
with issues of anxiety or fear? Has the experience
changed your world viewpoint? Your hobbies?
Did something good come from the period of
isolation? This isolation was unprecedented in
the modern era. Are you feeling any ongoing ramifications of this pandemic?


Initially, many writers thought their story was too simple to be shared, but a well-written story about small ideas can have a huge impact. There was no fee to our members for being a part of the collaboration. 

Join CHI - become and member today! Whether you want to be part of our next book, or are writing one of your own.

Writing a Book

DETAILS provided to authors of "The Chaos of Covid"


  1. Length of essay: 3,000–5,000 words

  2. Poetry: up to 1,000 words

  3. Files accepted: .doc or .docx only

  4. Formatting: Please set up your Word doc with the instructions found below

  5. Costs: ZERO

  6. Must be well-edited.
    We will review and make suggestions if we feel the submission needs further work or editing

  7. Date due: May 01, 2021

  8. Send to: 


1- Open the Paragraph Settings 

2- Use the Following Settings
       * Under Alignment- choose Justified
      *Left & Right- both set to 0
      * Special- First Line
      * By-  0.2
      *Before & After- both set to 0 pt
      *Line Spacing- set to single
      *Check the box for “Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style”


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