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A memoir of a young boy who, growing up in the years just after World War II, came to realize how much his personal values and philosophies had been influenced by the heroes he had idolized.

Settle back for a wild ride through a Southern lesbian’s life of soul-searching, rule-breaking, and truth-telling. This belle’s kind of coming out was not what her traditional Mississippi family expected.


How does she recover from family estrangement in the midst of her career as a psychotherapist? How does she find lasting love and a family-of-choice? From her last boyfriend suggesting she become a lesbian, to coming out to the church ladies at her mama’s funeral, these true stories will touch your heart, give you hope, and make you laugh out loud.  


Based on Elizabeth McCain’s award-winning one-woman play, A Lesbian Belle Tells..., this memoir provides story medicine for your soul. It is filled with Southern charm and drama, as well as triumph over tragedy, as only a lesbian belle can tell.

An arson fire that killed their parents has left seventeen-year-old Jacob and his fifteen-year-old sister, Beth Ann homeless orphans. Driven by the fear the arsonists want them dead they sneak off in the dead of night and head west. Their only hope of survival is to catch up with an aunt who is headed for Oregon. With killers on their trail the greenhorns run headlong into the unknown dangers of the open prairie. They are both too naïve to realize that not all the helping hands offered them can be trusted.

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