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   It’s 1998 in Milwaukee, and June can’t seem to keep a job. Her biggest problem is boredom.    That, and her 
unemployment benefits having run out. A vague want ad for a sales manager position catches her eye, and she winds up working for a strangely likable hedonist and his band of faithful misfits. How much can she overlook for the sake of her new friends?

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Mary Denomie

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   In the 1850’s in the middle of Tennessee, two men, a black and a white, a slave and an indentured servent, are working their way towards the West. This would be unusual unless they traveled as master and slave, but certainly not companions. The uneasy partnership, each depending on the other, gradually turned into true friendship. Friends, that depend on each other as they face
robbers, bullies, suspicious steamboat captains, bounty hunters, slave owner, arsonists, and last of all sweet young ladies.

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   Ascended Master Sarah shares her parents sacred wisdom teachings of The Way of the Chalice.  At the heart of this wisdom  is a path of integration and transformation that embraces the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in sacred  union! 

   Sarah leads us on a journey  of self discovery into sacred union  that ultimately leads back to self mastery and true enlightenment! 

She brings insight to the deeply rooted male/female polarities of imbalance  that had caused chaos and fear that is so pervasive  upon the planet.  

   Sarah’s  sacred wisdom teachings is a  journey into the teachings of the Goddess, the inner alchemy of sacred union  that will lead us back to wholeness as a planet!

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Lea Chapin