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“WOOHOO FOR SENSITIVE SOMJAY is a whimsical and informative must read for young children. Sonja Glad, a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, has given sensitive children a breathing technique to help them cope with their feelings.

This wonderful book is for 5 to 8 year old children who struggle with being “too sensitive.” 

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Every thousand years, a tower of unimaginable power appears in the mortal realm. It is said that whoever claims the throne inside will have the power to change the world in their image.

This time the tower appears at a moment when the gods find themselves locked into their own realms. And with the gods no longer in control, humanity finds themselves locked into a battle of survival.

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In the college town of Charleston, Illinois, the members of the Past ~ Forward writers group have put together their third collaborative book of personal reflections. It is a wonderful collection of memoir essays that truly hits home.  

Past Forward is a writing group focusing on memoir writing. They're a group of friendly creative writers who encourage each others' writing efforts, promote the improvement of writing skills, freely share their ideas and writings with each other, and understand the importance of preserving memories from the past for future generations.

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