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Most people dream of things they'd like to do "someday" - but many of those dreams never become reality because some dreamers don't do anything about them. Why?

It may be because they don't think they can, or they don't know how, or they just can't seem to get started.

This book is designed to help you and every other dreamer do something about those dreams, through a step-by-step process that will assure you that you can, show you how, and get you started on your way.
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Settle back for a wild ride through a Southern lesbian’s life of soul-searching, rule-breaking, and truth-telling. This belle’s kind of coming out was not what her traditional Mississippi family expected.


How does she recover from family estrangement in the midst of her career as a psychotherapist? How does she find lasting love and a family-of-choice? From her last boyfriend suggesting she become a lesbian, to coming out to the church ladies at her mama’s funeral, these true stories will touch your heart, give you hope, and make you laugh out loud.  


Based on Elizabeth McCain’s award-winning one-woman play, A Lesbian Belle Tells..., this memoir provides story medicine for your soul. It is filled with Southern charm and drama, as well as triumph over tragedy, as only a lesbian belle can tell.

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Every thousand years, a tower of unimaginable power appears in the mortal realm. It is said that whoever claims the throne inside will have the power to change the world in their image.

This time the tower appears at a moment when the gods find themselves locked into their own realms. And with the gods no longer in control, humanity finds themselves locked into a battle of survival.

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“WOOHOO FOR SENSITIVE SOMJAY is a whimsical and informative must read for young children. Sonja Glad, a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, has given sensitive children a breathing technique to help them cope with their feelings.

This wonderful book is for 5 to 8 year old children who struggle with being “too sensitive.” 

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