“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 

~Maya Angelou

Featured Content

Featured Content

Grimoires of the Galère

Mist and the galère have spent years delving into ecstatic dance, tarot, drumming and energy work to bring magic into world around them. But when they are called to the mountains by Gaia herself, everything changes and the women return to the prairies with powers they can’t understand, and barely contain...

The Elemental Priestess
Being a Priestess is not about gender or beliefs, it is an equal opportunity for self-growth, deepening your connection to the natural world through the Elements, finding courage and strength to stand in your own truth. It is about non-judgement, compassionate self-love and holding space for yourself and others. It is about forgiveness, both for self and those perceptions that have molded old patterns of behavior.
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